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Best themes in WordPress to create a blog website

Best themes in WordPress to creat a blog website thousands of themes in it and you can use them on your blog website easily and today I have mentioned the top five themes which are best to start your blog. (I) shamrock Best themes in WordPress I have tried this theme on many of my websites and I have seen a very good result from this theme the image of the theme is shown below. This theme is developed by meks and the good thing is that it also provides you official plugins through which you can manage the sidebar Read More

Earn thousand dollars with affiliate marketing and Adwords

Earn thousand dollars with affiliate marketing and Adwords Google is the world’s biggest platform of the world and you can earn thousands of dollars with the help of google and using different products of google easily. Affiliate marketing is very common and many ones are trying to earn more and more with affiliate marketing so keep reading to know about this new trick. What is Google AdWords? It is also a product of Google and this is the main source of earning for google but you can also earn thousands of dollars with it. Whenever you see google ads on Read More

what is google news & how to get traffic on site?

what is google news & how to get traffic on site? News is also a product of Google like any time when you open google on your android device or open the google news website on your personal computer or laptop it shows different articles according to your interest. Google news is different from google like when you search anything on google it shows the result according to that and google news show different articles from the different website which are approved in google news. Like if google news shows you two articles regarding health and sports and you open Read More

A new way of affiliate marketing

There are thousands of ways to earn money online and I try in different fields to earn money online and affiliate marketing was just the way through which I get more profit. New way You know many companies from where we buy hostings and domains like Godaddy, Namecheap, and hosting, etc. There are many other providers also in the market which are also good at all. These all the companies have launched a new way to sell more hosting through affiliate marketing. Start with these companies All of these companies are offering a new way for developers and creators to Read More

How to get more traffic on your blog

For every blog or website traffic is the basic and important need because if you don’t have traffic on your blog or website then it is useless for you. So you should need to get more and more traffic on your blog through different ways some main sources of traffic are given below. Searches This method is the first one and in this way you can get one hundred percent unique traffic on your blog. We have already written a post that how to add your website to the search console. So after this, you will get able to get Read More

WordPress page builders Leran &Eran

As I have written in my first two posts that you can create any type of website and any design using WordPress easily so by applying themes you just get a structure and edit it. But there is one more thing by which you can create your website by your own. Page builders There are many page builders in WordPress you can use these page builders to create any type of WordPress responsive website. Page builders allow you to create or develop every part of your website on your own and you can design them as you want to design Read More

How to buy a domain name from GoDaddy?

Please every given step to buying a domain from Godaddy. First of all, visit the GoDaddy website and here choose or search the domain name which you want to buy as shown in the image below. After searching you will be able to see the results of your domain add to the cart if it is available. Click at this add to cart button and it will be added now you have selected your domain which you want to buy and now you have to make payment. So open your cart by clicking on the basket or cart button given Read More

How to backup your WordPress website and why?

Backup your WordPress website is a very important thing for each and every website on the internet. Because it may be an error with your domain nameservers or with your hosting providers or maybe your domain or hosting expire then all of your website data will loos. That’s why backup is very important for every website for recovery in case of any issue. How to backup? your WordPress website and why? It is very simple so first of all login to your WordPress website and here you to perform the next steps. Like before we have to install any plugin Read More

How to earn money using apps?

How to earn money using apps There are millions of android users in the whole world and they use different apps on theirs mobile. You know that what are the benefits to the developers who had done a lot of work to develop such an app but what they are gaining? How to earn There are many methods to earn money by developing apps. Like websites, you have a lot of ways to earn money in the same way while developing an app you can also earn a lot of money. Advertisements In every online field, the basic source of Read More

Earn money from facaebook Laran & Eran

Earn Money from Facaebook is a very big social platform and millions of people use Facaebook on daily basis but still many ones don’t know that how to earn money from Facebook but they are just using Facebook. There are two main sources of earning by using a Facebook account it is very simple and I consider that everyone can earn money using Facaebook if you are reading this post. EARN FROM A FACAEBOOK PAGE If you have a Facebook page regarding anything or regarding any product now you can earn money by placing ads on your Facebook page if Read More