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WhatsApp web and desktop: How do they work

Immediate messaging support WhatsApp has both desktop and web programs, offering still another way to make it as simple as you can keep current with your WhatsApp messages through the day. The internet version and also the desktop program for macOS and Windows operate in pretty much the exact same manner and they are quite like your WhatsApp smartphone program. To obtain the WhatsApp desktop program, visit in the browser and hit download. Instead, if you do not need to download, visit the web-based variant at Here’s a concise guide to getting the maximum from these. What are Read More

Instagram down: company confirms error has broken

Instagram is down: firm affirms mistake has busted iPhone and Android program for THOUSANDSINSTAGRAM isn’t functioning for tens of thousands of iPhone and Android owners because of an unknown error that renders users not able to refresh their principal feed, or even post fresh content into the social media. Instagram is but one of a range of Facebook-owned services enduring an outage at the moment, such as Facebook itself and Messenger. Here’s what we know.When you subscribe we’ll use the information which you supply to send you those newsletters. Sometimes they will contain recommendations for additional related newsletters or solutions Read More

what is tiktoc? and how to eran mony from tiktoc

If you browse the new Forbes article, TikToc’s 7 Best Earning Stars you then understand’serious money’ may mean seven-figures! The list details the TikToc celebrities who earned more than a million dollars this past year by posting brief videos onto the hugely popular social network. With numerous losing income because of coronavirus, individuals want to find new revenue streams and earning potentials. The fastest growing of those social programs is TikToc; Easterling and people on the list make it crystal clear you could absolutely earn money out of TikToc. In reality, you will find TikTok cash calculators that provide you Read More

15 Ways To Make Money On Fivr

As a result of some multi-million dollar marketing campaign, it’s increasingly very difficult to come across people who have not at least heard of Fivr. Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of companies, both offline and online, are utilizing the services provided on Fivr Since Fivr’s capability to draw customers continues to burst, the fantastic thing is there is more and more need for any services you provide into the international market for electronic services. Listed below are only fifteen ways that you can earn money on Sure, it might seem you are not getting paid but if you can knock Read More

what it is? target affiliate program

When I was starting out as an affiliate marketer, then I stumbled upon many different affiliate partnerships. As a newcomer, I was not really certain which app was the greatest, but very new affiliate marketers appear to learn about Amazon Associates. This is only one of the biggest, most honored, and many well recognized affiliate programs. This is the way the Amazon Associates program functions… what is it? The next affiliate program I want to pay in this guide is your Target Affiliate Program, a venture with all the brick and mortar retail giant Target. The Target affiliate program ended Read More

Is tax good on freelancers? Knows more about tax

FBR has announced that every freelancer must have to pay taxes Is tax good on freelancers? Knows more about tax to us which is not a good decision. This is just for Pakistanis they think that freelancers are earning thousands of dollars and they have factories of money so they must need to pay tax? Taxes on freelancer First of all, to get the payment we have to pay a lot of charges like for freelancers there is not any direct source to get your money from different platforms. Freelancers are not billionaires according to me it is not the Read More

Tik Tok banned in Pakistan what is the reason?

Tik tok banned again in Pakistan It is the second time that TikTok is not available for the users of Pakistan. This Thursday on 11 March 2021 TikTok is not available for Pakistani mobile users and there are many reasons behind that read this post fully to learn about it. Why tik Tok banned Generally, Pakistan has banned this Chinese short video app second for their country users. Millions of Pakistanis use TikTok each and every day. First TikTok was banned due to deaths and misleading content but now second time some issues are the same behind this rejection. Due Read More

youtube new updates – Leran & Eran

Youtube is a platform where everyone wants to earn money because it is easier to earn money using youtube. Now a days few new updates have come from youtube which is explained in different ways in different places but I will teach you the real way and real things about the new policies of youtube. About YT we already know that youtube needs four thousand hours of watch time and about one thousand subscribers in one year and still, it is the same but youtube has announced some new updates. Youtube updates Youtube has launched a new method means a Read More

Best themes in WordPress to create a blog website

Best themes in WordPress to creat a blog website thousands of themes in it and you can use them on your blog website easily and today I have mentioned the top five themes which are best to start your blog. (I) shamrock Best themes in WordPress I have tried this theme on many of my websites and I have seen a very good result from this theme the image of the theme is shown below. This theme is developed by meks and the good thing is that it also provides you official plugins through which you can manage the sidebar Read More

Earn thousand dollars with affiliate marketing and Adwords

Earn thousand dollars with affiliate marketing and Adwords Google is the world’s biggest platform of the world and you can earn thousands of dollars with the help of google and using different products of google easily. Affiliate marketing is very common and many ones are trying to earn more and more with affiliate marketing so keep reading to know about this new trick. What is Google AdWords? It is also a product of Google and this is the main source of earning for google but you can also earn thousands of dollars with it. Whenever you see google ads on Read More