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WordPress page builders Leran &Eran

As I have written in my first two posts that you can create any type of website and any design using WordPress easily so by applying themes you just get a structure and edit it. But there is one more thing by which you can create your website by your own. Page builders There are many page builders in WordPress you can use these page builders to create any type of WordPress responsive website. Page builders allow you to create or develop every part of your website on your own and you can design them as you want to design Read More

How to protect your content on WordPress?

Protect your contant on WordPress Many scammers try to get your content and then they use it on their websites so protection is very important to save your content. Add plugin First of all, you know that to add any function to your WordPress website you have to install a specific plugin that is specially created for a specific work. So click on the plugins section and here click at add new plugin section and search for “wp content copy protection” you will see a lot of results but download the right one which is shown below. See the image Read More

Top five plugins for WordPress which every website

Here are top five plugins for WordPress which every website You know that plugins are very important in your website if you have a blog or an eCommerce website. Plugins are used to add functionalities and also to increase the beauty of your WordPress website. Many websites use different plugins according to their needs but here are the top five plugins that every website must have and their uses are also mentioned below with them. Top five plugins (I) Yoast SEO I consider that every website must require this plugin if they want to improve the search engine optimization of Read More